A $4.25M home in Rancho Mirage for the Obamas?

Additionally, the white house responds:. warming, MSM should be at home on really hot planets like Mercury or Venus.. night, perhaps it should be Trump asking to audit the Obama's taxes paid.. Rancho Mirage, CA residence . . . $4.25M/The Los Angeles-based interior designer Michael S. Smith is.

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Yes, in addition to the $5.3 million 8 and a half baths home in D.C., Obama has purchased a multi-million dollar home in Rancho Mirage, California, a community known for its world-class golf courses. This will come in handy for the Golfer-in-Chief, who by January will have spent 270 days of presidency on the links .

The Obamas are reportedly poised to purchase a custom-built high-class home in the Rancho Mirage section of California for $4.25 million.

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He enjoyed dinner while golfing and fishing in stocked lakes at the desert getaway in Rancho Mirage owned by philanthropists Walter. since it was built in March 1966. President Barack Obama’s.

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Talk Resurfaces that Obama is Buying Rancho Mirage Home If the rumors are true, here are some property listings the president should explore. By Beckie Strum and Lucy Cohen Blatter

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The Annenberg estate at Sunnylands, nicknamed “Camp David of the West,” has been the epicenter of presidential activity in Rancho Mirage. Obama to get back to Washington, D.C. to focus on Iraq. The.

When they vacate the White House, the Obama family will be moving into a nine-bedroom home nearby while Sasha finishes school – but that’s not the only new abode where the First Family will make new.

Outgoing and, by all accounts, semi-retired, President Obama is reportedly eyeing a home in Rancho Mirage listed at $4.25 million, and the first couple might be closing before the month is out.

Receive the latest ward-room updates in your inbox. President Obama and First Lady Michelle may be the buyers of a $4.25 million home in California’s Rancho Mirage, the Los Angeles Times reports. Though the White House denied the rumors, the L.A. Times cites unnamed real estate agents as confirming that the Obamas are in escrow on.