Altos predicts a ‘catfish recovery’ for housing market

Altos Research says the housing market is undergoing ‘The Catfish Recovery," meaning housing prices will stabilize near the bottom, and stay there awhile, much like a catfish is a bottom feeder swimming around somewhat randomly, yet sustained. In noting the relative constancy of the median price of housing over time,

Altos predicts a ‘catfish recovery’ for housing market Was it simply a late spring for housing? – Orange County Register – Was it simply a late spring for housing? Share this:. The housing market, like any market, experiences volatility.. What is the catfish recovery? housing prices will find their way back to a.

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To revive the economy, Clinton suggested lowering the mortgages that are worth more than the homes to their current price points and letting the home owners pay back the differences after the market.

GSEs expected to unload delinquent loans after Treasury change Mortgage lenders are finally feeling optimistic about the business, according to Fannie Mae’s latest sentiment survey.. For the first time in nearly three years, senior execs at major lending institutions reported a positive outlook in net profit margins, with most citing increased consumer demand as the main reason, followed by operational.

Altos predicts a ‘catfish recovery’ for housing market A November 2013 TechNavio industry report predicts a market valued at US$5.7B million by 2018, and names Geminare as "one of the major pure-play cloud-based disaster recovery solution vendors that is.

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It’s the Catfish Recovery. Catfish spend their time moving slowly at the bottom of lakes and rivers bobbing up and down from place to place without a clear direction. Expect prices over the long term to hit a bottom, rise a bit, sink back down, rise again-a pattern we expect with the housing market for several years.

With home prices creeping back to near pre-recession levels, the housing market is well into recovery mode. For it to get there, it has needed a lot of factors to click into place: the pool of buyers had to grow, average credit scores needed to rise, and consumer confidence needed to increase.