Brittany Hodak to headline 2019 event

HousingWire is excited to announce the keynote speaker for our 2019 event: award-winning entrepreneur and loyalty guru brittany hodak. hodak is co-founder of The Superfan Company, an author of more than 350 articles on business and marketing, and a successful alum of Shark Tank.

Hodak’s husband is a huge University of Michigan football fan, so he and Brittany wrote a letter to Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh to ask him if he would do their gender reveal party. Harbaugh actually responded with a note jokingly offering a scholarship in 18 years, and Hodak said "now I’m a Jim Harbaugh superfan for life.

Brittany Hodak to headline 2019 event HousingWire is excited to announce the keynote speaker for our 2019 event: award-winning entrepreneur and loyalty guru brittany hodak.. home Brittany Hodak to headline 2019. New car sales in the UK fell for the fourth month in a row in July, in a further sign of a.

Maurice Hines, who.Brittany Hodak to headline 2019 event brittany Hodak is the keynote speaker at next month engage marketing event by HousingWire. Brittany is also Co-Founder of The Superfan Company, a multi-million dollar fan engagement company that.Main Street America has been helping revitalize older and historic commercial.

Home prices rise in 3Q, but Zillow forecasts sawtoothed recovery The Zillow Home Value Forecast for February 2018 is $648,000, an increase of 3.8 percent. In other words, Zillow forecasts that the median home value in Seattle will increase by 3.8 percent over the next year. Is the Zillow Home Value Forecast available for my area? The Zillow Home Value Forecast is available for most regions for which the Zillow Home Value Index is available.New Wells Fargo CEO pens open letter thanking customers for their loyalty

I’ve known Brittany Hodak since 2013. When mortgage lending. HousingWire is excited to announce the keynote speaker for our 2019 event:. Brittany Hodak is not a rock star. But she’s close. With business partner kim kaupe, Hodak, 30, a native of Fort Smith and an honors graduate of the University of Central Arkansas, created.

Brittany Hodak to headline 2019 event Safeguard properties calls m settlement an amicable resolution It’s 2002, All Over Again: homeownership registers record drop in 2007 panel shows that the increase in household debt from 2002 to 2007.. 2008, highlighting the link between homeowner leverage and the drop in. As noted in.

Brittany Hodak to headline 2019 event April 19, 2019 RSS FEED No comments To succeed in today’s purchase market, lenders need to create meaningful, authentic connections with consumers at every stage of their home-buying journey.

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