DOJ charges hundreds in mortgage rescue scams

Shadow inventory declines to five-month supply: CoreLogic From CoreLogic: CoreLogic Reports Shadow Inventory Declines Slightly, However, Nine Months’ Worth of Supply Remains Click on graph for larger image in graph gallery. This graph from CoreLogic shows the breakdown of "shadow inventory" by category.

Bankrate: Loan Closing Costs Jump 36.6% Year-Over-Year Housing Wire – "Bankrate: Loan Closing Costs Jump 36.6% Year-Over-Year" (8-17-10) "The average origination and third-party fees on a $200,000 mortgage increased 36.6% to $3,741 from last year’s average of $2,739, according to Bankrate’s annual mortgage fee survey.

Bait-and-Switch. In a bait-and-switch scam, con artists give you papers they claim you need to sign to get another loan to make your mortgage current. But buried in the stack is a document that surrenders the title to your house to the scammers in exchange for a "rescue" loan.

Government investigators brought charges against 530 people over the past year as part of a nationwide effort to crack down on mortgage rescue scams. general collectively have brought hundreds of.

Third-quarter multifamily originations drop 16% from 2Q NAR President: We want GSE reform to take place now In Battered Secondary Mortgage Market, Some Encouraging Trends May Be Emerging  · There are many alternatives to Dodd/Frank, and the Donald is going to present them in an upcoming policy position. He has good advisors. But the alternative is not "No Regulation," after all. Just like repealing Obamacare does not mean "No Health Insurance.".FHA serious delinquency rate inches up while originations decline fha serious delinquency rate inches up while originations decline 0 The serious delinquency rate for Federal housing administration mortgages reached 9.6% in December, the highest level in more than two years, the Department of Housing and Urban Development said.The strength of the second quarter multifamily market continued right through the third quarter as well. Propelled by a bullish rental market and lack of for sale properties, third quarter sales pushed the East Bay price per unit average up $7,676 (to $171,359) as cap rates compressed further to 5.55% (down from 6.1% this time last year).Number of underwater homeowners grows: CoreLogic  · CoreLogic predicts there will be a 4.5% increase in the national index from December 2018 to the end of 2019. “If all homes experience this gain, this would lift about 350,000 homeowners from being underwater and restore positive equity” said dr. frank nothaft, chief economist for CoreLogic. Source: CoreLogic, Mortgage Professional America2018 HW Insiders: Aravinda Gollapudi Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac would need another bailout in severe economic crisis According to WSJ, the proposal “is expected to include a version of what has been called recap and release,’ which would ensure the firms have adequate capital to absorb loan losses in a.Alabama judge denies securitization trustee standing to foreclose Fannie and Freddie tell mortgage servicers not to refer new cases to Baum firm A Request; Should Fannie and Freddie Update Their Credit Requirements? jan 18 2018, 12:22PM There is a rather unusual request up on the Federal housing finance agency’s (FHFA’s) website.The week ahead: Higher rates to buoy importance of servicing Amendment to Eliminate HVCC Still Alive in financial reform bill andrew cuomo and lawmakers to do what they can to reform the redistricting. to early action on a constitutional amendment that would rework redistricting along the lines of Cuomo’s ill-fated 2011.In the abstract, it matters a lot. In reality, it matters only a little. Here’s the bottom line. The national debt matters fundamentally only in one way: If it prevents the country from spending on other things more important than debt service..History: Fannie, Freddie Seized by Federal Government Homebuyer Demand All But a ‘Standstill’: Altos Research  · Eight Steps to Eliminate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac-Permanently. Now that housing is beginning to show signs of a sustained recovery, it is time to create a new and modern private-sector housing finance system to replace the two government-sponsored enterprises (gses)-the Federal National Mortgage Association.Concerns about securitization chain of title also go to the standing question. Alabama–a bank makes a loan on a home, or a mortgage banker or whoever, Pooling and servicing agreements are trust documents that create a trust, have.. if the borrower fails one time, the loan modification is denied.Insiders said the Plum List, which is being run outside of the. a former official in the George HW Bush administration, for Environmental Protection Agency secretary or head of Interior; James. View Jami Haddad’s business profile as Manager, National Operations (Mortgage) at Prime Lending Inc and see work history, affiliations and more.2014: A transformative year for lenders The average rate for 30-year home loans climbed this week to 4.38 percent, the highest since April 2014, according to Freddie Mac data released today. Inflation fears have sent yields for the 10-year.

trustees concerning mortgage fraud schemes, to help them determine whether the debtor had been victimized or was participating in such a scheme. Through our civil and criminal enforcement efforts, the Program has identified three major types of bankruptcy-related mortgage fraud and mortgage rescue schemes: financial

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Home purchases weak despite easing credit Foreclosure programs aid 1.6 million homeowners: Obama Scorecard REMN Wholesale launches 97% LTV program This applies to both Retail and Wholesale. A 12 month current mortgage only rating is required. A FICO score is not required, but. the max LTV allowed per the program. Removed overlay. Follow HUD at 85% ltv maximum.. 95% Maximum LTV. Launch FNMA HomeReady on 3/1 with 97% LTV. Financed Mortgage Insurance (MI) is not eligible.Foreclosures and mortgage delinquencies may be declining, but that doesn’t mean the industry should let its guard down. In the Obama Administration’s latest housing ""scorecard. Making Home.And after that you start ‘crushing’ and soon feel more tired than before. Also, if you drink coffee daily, it doesn’t take long until your body get used to it (it builds tolerance just like with any other drug). Soon, you’ll need coffee just so you can feel as tired as you used to feel without it.

"Bankruptcy foreclosure scams" or "mortgage rescue scams" target people whose home mortgages are in trouble. Scam operators advertise over the Internet and in local publications, distribute flyers, or contact people whose homes are listed in the foreclosure notices. Sometimes they direct their appeals to specific religious or ethnic groups.

She denies the charges of bank and wire fraud in an indictment that. handed Huawei documents to the US Department of.

Loan Modification Fraud and Foreclosure Rescue Scams. A loan modification is a restructuring of your mortgage in which you and your lender agree to modify the terms of your home loan. When you request a loan modification, your lender may defer some of your payments, change your interest rate, or extend the length of the loan.

She has a sweet young man in the front and cursed at him one day in front of everyone. very unprofessional and the mortgage our court system our federal loans system should be on top of the fraud she changed my paystub amounts with out my knowing. she made up fake names. she is a monster. 631-617-6331 664 Suffolk ave brentwood ny is her.