Fannie Mae sees 2012 home sales up 3.5% to 4.74 million

Prepayment fee income totaled $3.3 million during the september 2012 quarter, compared to $3.5. (see table on page 13). This number compares very favorably to both industry and regional averages..

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 · Sales of new and existing homes are likely to increase 3.5 percent and housing starts are projected to rise 16 percent, fueled by improvement in apartment development and a rebound in single-family house construction, according to the report by Douglas Duncan, Fannie Mae’s chief economist, and Orawin Velz, a director in its Economics and Mortgage Market Analysis group.

Fannie sees home price bottom in 2013 . A new report from Fannie Mae’s economic research team projects home prices will reach bottom in 2013 while the nation’s overall macroeconomic situation hinges on a set of risky outliers. While consumers started 2012 with a dose of cautious optimism, market conditions have worsened.

Housing retail sales inch down Home Severe housing shortage pulls home sales down in June. Real estate valuations severe housing shortage pulls home sales down in June Many would-be buyers sitting on the sidelines.Major news out of PIMCO as Mohamed El-Erian resigns from CEO post who have been forced to enact a series of stimulus measures and put its economic reform programme on “pause”, said El-Erian, who previously served as CEO and co-chief investment officer at.

Our net interest margin increased by 31 basis points to 3.41%, up from 3.10% for the prior quarter. Non-interest income was $38 million, down $19 million from the second quarter due to lower mortgage.

The minimum downpayment for most people is 3% or 3.5% of the home’s purchase price. In 2018, the median price of a new home was $302,100. So the minimum downpayment is between $9,063 and $10,574. The median down payment on a new home is around $21,147. However, LTV ratios vary considerably by location.

Fannie Mae, the Goldman Goose that Keeps on Laying Eggs. Fannie Mae’s mortgage sales, by contrast, have been a mixed bag of performing and non-performing pools.. The Funds bid for pools of between 1,000 and 3,000 non-performing home mortgages across the US, sold by Fannie Mae at regular.

Tim Rood discusses housing 21 that it would buy $400 billion of longer-term Treasuries, funding the purchases with sales of shorter. sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 7.4 percent to $1.3 trillion, Fed data.

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 · VA is at 2* years from short sale. The "*" on government loans depends upon the short sale lender filing a claim against the FHA insurance or the VA Guarantee, in which case if present, the wait could be even longer. Fannie Mae is 4 years and requires 10% down or 2 years with 20% down, or for standard down payments, it’s a 7 year wait.