Nevada has the most underwater homeowners

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The national underwater homeownership rate is 4.9%. In New York City, 87,000 borrowers, or 5.4% of the market, ended the year with negative equity, while only 26,800 did so in Los Angeles. The states with the highest shares of upside down mortgages were Louisiana, Illinois, Florida, Connecticut, Nevada and Rhode Island.

Las Vegas has come a long way since the depths of the Great Recession.. Negative equity refers to when a homeowner owes more on a mortgage. Zillow said 88,037 Las Vegas-area homeowners were underwater at the.

Zillow says Las Vegas’ rate was the highest among the 35 metro areas. She told KNPR’s State of Nevada that Las Vegas still as a massive. "Vegas just had such a massive amount of underwater homeowners," she said. Nevada has certain protections in place for homebuyers, including the most common: mandatory sellers’ disclosures.

Like homeowners, some businesses were not hit as severely. In addition to the downtime, the company has lost equipment.

They’re also at risk of falling back underwater should prices drop again. Nevada still has the highest percentage of homeowners underwater, due to plummeting home values in Las Vegas during the.

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So while last year's 9,944 sales of new homes looks alarming when compared. percentage of homeowners with underwater loans has shrunk to 4.7 percent. But Nevada has the highest student-to-teacher ratio in the U.S.,

Nevada has the most underwater homes in the nation, with 46% of the state’s mortgaged homes carrying loans that are at least 25% higher than the property’s current market value. the second highest rate behind Nevada. The Miami area had the second highest rate of underwater homeowners, at 40 percent.

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Report: Nearly 70 percent of LV homeowners underwater on mortgage Steve Marcus / File photo A new report shows 69.5 percent of homeowners in Las Vegas are underwater on their mortgages.

He had made a fortune building custom homes as Vegas boomed higher. Nevada's unemployment rate is 6.4 percent, up slightly in the most.

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