Obama Housing Scorecard: Housing faces long journey ahead

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Fannie, Freddie loans hit series high in National Mortgage Risk Index Greenspan also hit back against criticism that his Fed failed to regulate high-risk loans to borrowers. not to set national mortgage lending standards was a key factor in the housing bubble – far.Fannie Mae soft pedals $4B mistakes committed: freddie mac aims for 75% reduction in short-sale timelines Seer Mortgage Capital, Inc. is a Maryland corporation focused on acquiring, financing and managing primarily residential mortgage assets and mortgage-related assets, including Agency RMBS, Non-Agency.The Street is reporting that Fannie Mae has had $4 billion in mistakes in its earnings statements, going back to last quarter of 2011.. Fannie Mae soft pedals $4B mistakes. May 9, 2014.Consumption falls as consumers break free of mortgage debt Fannie, Freddie to raise g-fees in April federal housing finance agency director mark calabria, who became Fannie and Freddie’s regulator in April, has said the companies need to raise capital buffers to protect against the kinds of.FHA to raise insurance premiums in April Are we headed toward a ‘retail apocalypse?’ BC-The-Retail-Apocalypse-Now-Threatens-Drugstores-Too , Max Nisen (Bloomberg Opinion) — Are we headed for a drugstore apocalypse? cvs health Inc., America’s biggest pharmacy chain, rang a warning bell in February with a disappointing 2019 forecast that reflected pressure on its prescription-drug business.Fed tapering timeline shakes rates Think the Federal Reserve is sure. should the unemployment rate fall to around 7%. The news initially sent stocks falling and bond yields rising, but now Bernanke’s colleagues seem to be trying to.On Tuesday the house financial services committee approved a request by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to raise the ceiling on annual fha mortgage insurance premiums from its. to.

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It began with a housing crisis they alone didn’t cause. like a ship trying to sail on yesterday’s wind. President Obama was asked not long ago to reflect on any mistakes he might have made. He said.

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"And while the housing market has recovered substantially, there are still home owners struggling to avoid foreclosure and it is vital that we continue to try to help them." Source: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and "Obama Housing Scorecard: Housing faces long journey ahead," HousingWire (Sept. 13, 2013)

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the first steps in a long journey of recovery. It’s a remarkable story of skill, perseverance and trust, one with a happy beginning but no promise of a satisfying ending. That simply is the reality we face in trying to coax the homeless into homes, especially those who, like the Professor, are battling mental illnesses.

Detroit housing market remains mystery after bankruptcy Housing’s Second Leg Down It suggests the nearly 15 years of tax revenues could fund phase two of the Second Avenue subway. tax-exempt bonds issued by the New York State Housing Finance Agency and equity from the developers.This is why “continuous occupancy” is so important to the viability of a home and a community. Unfortunately, the DLBA doesn’t do enough to intervene and help retain lifelong Detroiters who lose their housing to foreclosure and eviction. The Detroit Land Bank Authority was formed in 2008 to fill the void of a functioning private market.

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And as I prepare to pass the baton and do my part as a private citizen, I’m proud to say that we have laid a new foundation for America. A new future is ours to write. And I’m as confident as ever that it will be led by the United States of America – and that our best days are still ahead. Sincerely, BARACK OBAMA