Ocwen buying portfolio of delinquent Ginnie Mae mortgages

The Mortgage. mortgage servicing portfolio: At June 30, % 60+ days At December 31, % 60+ days (in millions) 2014 delinquent (1) 2013 delinquent (1) Fannie Mae $ 795.9 0.14 % $ 1,520.2 0.19 %.

The New York Department of Financial Services has put the kibosh on any bulk purchases of MSRs after it killed their deal with Wells Fargo , so the nonbank has turned its gaze to 1,705 delinquent federal housing administration-insured loans with a principal balance of $253.1M from Ginnie Mae pools. Ocwen is already the servicer on the portfolio.

Benjamin Lawsky, New York’s first Superintendent of Financial Services, is wading further into the muck that is Ocwen Financial Corporation’s (NYSE: OCN) mortgage servicing. Altisource Portfolio,

Investors in U.S.-backed mortgage bonds are shifting into securities tied to debt from homeowners who are the least willing or able to refinance as the Federal Reserve helps keep interest rates near.

Ocwen Announces $253 Million Early Buyout of Mortgages From Ginnie Mae Pools. of 1,705 delinquent FHA-insured loans with a principal balance of $253.1 million from Ginnie Mae pools (Ginnie Mae.

Ocwen Financial Corporation. the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) (collectively, the GSEs), the Government National.

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Delinquent loans were transferred to either Saxon or Ocwen. In other cases where a seller/servicer merely encounters financial difficulties, it seems reasonable to expect based upon past experience that FNMA, FHLMC and GNMA Mae would likely acquiesce in the voluntary transfer of servicing, as in the case of Ocwen in 2015.

We expect as a result of the Nationstar announcement to be able to fully licensed by Ginnie Mae shortly. accretion on the underlying bond portfolio and we do securitization, then we mark down our.

Ocwen’s portfolio consists of mortgage-servicing assets and subservicing and servicing of loans it originates. The company helps bring delinquent loans current and provides loan modifications.

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Ocwen Wins Bid for ResCap’s Mortgage Portfolio 10/24/2012 BY: KRISTA FRANKS BROCK Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC and Walter investment management corp. outbid Nationstar Mortgage Holdings and received preliminary approval for the purchase of Residential Capital’s mortgage servicing and origination assets.

OCWEN CARES: Helping homeowners and communities is what we do. ocwen financial corporation and its subsidiaries, PHH Mortgage and Liberty Home Equity Solutions, are committed to helping our customers save money, build equity and, most importantly, stay in their homes.