Signs point to tepid September job creation

 · October 12, 2010 Despite creating 863,000 positions over the last nine months, private-sector job gains recently were overshadowed by government cutbacks. In September, tepid private-sector growth of 64,000 jobs was dwarfed by the elimination of 159,000 government positions, generating a net loss of 95,000 employees. Unlike the past few months, when scheduled census-related job cuts.

Top 10 Metro Areas, By Combined Employment Change in Warehousing, Electronic Shopping, and Struggling Retail, 2010 to 2016 Policymakers are mostly bystanders to this combination of job creation and.

 · 156K new jobs in August was beneath the 180K consensus. Unemployment rose to 4.4% from the previous and expected 4.3%. Jobs Numbers (Seasonally) Lower – September 1, 2017 –

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 · However, analysts do not expect the Fed to take further action at its next meeting in November, given signs of firmer third-quarter growth, including a recent quickening in the pace of job creation.

JPMorgan Chase’s Michael Feroli wrote to clients that Powell’s commentary has already pushed his team to pull forward expectations for cuts to July and September of this. have to be closer,” citing.

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Get Ready for Taper Lite: 3 Signs the Labor Market Isn’t Picking Up September 9, 2013 by Russ Koesterich of iShares Blog Friday’s nonfarm payroll report was probably the most anticipated economic report in several years, but

At this point in the economic cycle a. The House of Representatives passed a $15 billion jobs bill yesterday that will go to the president’s desk to sign. It is aimed at stimulating national job.

Positive signs in the September jobs report? a mildly encouraging sign of a positive outcome this Friday, as the two surveys tend to be out of step: the ADP survey reported 230K new private jobs created in September, with the NFP headline.

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(Reuters) – U.S. job growth rebounded strongly in June, but moderate wage gains and mounting evidence that the economy was slowing sharply could still encourage the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates this month. MARKET REACTION: STOCKS: The benchmark S&P 500 Index .SPX was down 0.56% at the open in the wake of the June non-farm payrolls data.